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AVG Premium Security 2014 14.0.4116 incl Keygen

AVG Premium Security is an enhanced security software suite containing all the functionality of AVG Internet Security with two additional tools: AVG Quick Tune and AVG Identity Alert. Through the comprehensive set of tools it contains, AVG Premium Security ensures proactive identity and privacy protection and optimizes & maintains your system for best performance.


Alongside the protection of AVG Internet Security, you’d also get:

AVG Identity Alert

Be one step ahead of identity theft

Proactive privacy protection that actively seeks out identity theft.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone was constantly on the lookout for your data to check that it wasn’t being misused? Now they are.

Actively screens the Internet for unauthorized trading or selling of your personal information. Searches for any misuse anywhere of your email address, phone number or credit cards and instantly alerts you.

AVG QuickTune

Optimizes PC to run at peak performance

High performance tools to restore, optimize and maintain your PC

Remember what your PC was like when you got it? We’ve put a few smart tools into our Premium Security product to help get it back there and make your hard drive happy and get rid of some of that junk.

Restores your PC to peak performance and keeps it there by regularly defragmenting your hard drive, removing junk files, eliminating broken shortcuts and repairing your Windows® Registry.

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  1. Harry says:

    is it okay to update it?

  2. Harry says:

    Is update ok?

  3. aziz says:

    saya minta license avg premiumdan avg internet security

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