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Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android 2.1.0 incl Key

Recover SMS, Contacts, Photos and Video on Android
Accidentally deleted messages or contacts on your Samsung handset? Or lost photos from the SD card on your Android device? No need to worry now! Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android is capable of recovering messages, contacts, photos and video on/from an Android phone or tablet. Due to the ease-to-use interface, it’s ideal for everyone, like single users or professionals, even concerned parents who want to protect their kids from negative information. Scan, preview and recover. Simple clicks bring you what you want.


Primary Features:

Directly scan and recover SMS, contacts, photos & video

Automatically scan your device after connected to the computer;
Recover sent & received messages, and export in HTML to PC for easy reading and printing;
Retrieve deleted contacts, including names, numbers, Email & addresses, and export in HTML, vCard and CSV to PC;
Regain photos and video from SD cards inside Android devices to a computer.

Browse, backup and re-sync data on your computer

Existing data and deleted data each have their own color in the scan result;
Browse and backup them from a device to your computer;
Re-sync contacts backup to a device via Wondershare MobileGo for Android.

Preview & selective recovery

Preview all recoverable contacts, messages and photos before recovery;
Selectively recover what you want by selecting them from the scan result.

Support multiple Android devices & Android OS

Available for hot Android phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZET, Huawei;
Support lots of Android OS versions;
The list of devices and Android OS is still rapidly growing.

Read-only and risk-free

Keep data on your device original, no damage, deletion or modification at all;
Only read and recover the data, no personal information leaking, or things like that.


Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android 2.1.0 Key:

Licensed E-mail: f1212290@rmqkr.net
Registration Code: 38B5B938C3154E307EF66C139370C70E


  1. pragati says:

    thank you soooo much i realy need it….

  2. Ron says:

    thank you very much…god bless u =)

  3. Sandun says:

    where is the software download link..

  4. anan zaid says:

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  9. Bard says:

    Thanks man!! Great.. You’re the man !!

  10. choletti says:

    sorry it did not work for me——–
    it showing as it is pirated ????

  11. Shakir Ameer says:

    It really helped.. tnx!!!

  12. bedi says:

    Thank you very much!! it is working!!

  13. dammika says:

    thank you very Much ..it is working fine

  14. wsayjon says:

    works! thanks so much!

  15. Chandhru says:

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  16. sawan kumarq says:

    Plz send me Dr. Phone key/

  17. Octavio says:


  18. mahmood says:

    thank you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Sar says:

    Plz send me the key if there is a new one? :) or is this one still working? plus is there anyway to preview the videos before recovering

  20. retcarlos says:


  21. notmyrealname says:

    THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH SIR! You just help me so much. Thanks for the code.

  22. pankj says:

    thanks a lot

  23. LBO says:

    Anybody can help me with a key of the IOS Version? I lost a personal message :( Many thanks in advance!!!

  24. felipe says:

    Excelente gracias!!

  25. Hamid says:

    Hello, i need key for android 4.1.2 for recovery contact.
    please send me that.
    Thanks alot

  26. stephen says:

    Pls send me mobile go registration key pls tnx a lot

  27. hussain says:

    thank u very much i need it alot

  28. Mladen says:

    Thank you.. You saved a lot of us, man… :D Thank you very much.. :)

  29. Antonio says:

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  30. cameron says:

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  31. Kk says:

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    it helps me a lot a lot.

  32. Ohn Maung Maung says:

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  33. Karloz Groth says:

    Thank U so much y really need it u’re a god xD greetings

  34. Karloz Groth says:

    Thank U so much i really need it u’re a god xD greetings

  35. Summer says:

    Thank you so much omg. In my drunken stupor I deleted all my Krewella pictures and videos you saved me life

  36. susan_la says:

    thank you soooo much i really need it…God help me and you help me!!!

  37. yujin says:

    thank you !!!thank you !!!
    i love you.. !!!

  38. Waliullah says:

    I can’t do my phone memory data recover process…when it will go 98% then it’s go on stop working.

  39. nic0 says:

    Hey muchas gracias, porque estaba necesitando la utilidad de recuperacion +10

  40. Joel Glez says:

    but… I can use it!! [:
    but… it says that this key has been used several times, and maybe them will be disable… I hope it never happen [:

  41. Shuvam says:

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  42. JUANCA says:

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